Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Poster wars/Civil war

To understand the full import of this post, a little groundwork is necessary. (especially for those who couldn't care less)

The EDLC and QC are at war, on the poster front. So what's new? They're always at war... Who cares? The only thing different this time is that the reps involved belong to the same hostel. Now it could only mean one of two things. Firstly, we are about to witness infighting in Kumaon. But since that is nigh impossible, we come to the second probability, which is that the two reps in question, Rajat Sahni (aka Raghav) and Kumar Gaurav Parmar (aka KGP) are employing official means to impart humour to their rather dull lives. Now it's not like I'm opposed to poster wars, I advocate them, they are a vent for creative talent, it's just that I am of the opinion that they should be executed in better taste and should have a wider appeal. The jokes cracked in the EDLC poster leave much to be desired (RSFC- puhlease!). Soon every Tom, Dick and Harry (pun unintended) will have their own fan clubs and the concept of a fan club will lose its significance. God knows the process has already begun with hundreds of Fan club communities spawning on orkut.

And besides... with a particular rep only making posters intermittently, the concept of a poster war itself is losing focus, and we should now talk of only poster battles. Gone are the good old days when posters used to give hints about the event they were to advertise, gone are the days when the layman who always wanted to attend an EDLC or a QC event, but didn't know how to could look at a poster and figure out what the event was! Overzealous reps with inflated egos and a thirst to maintain their club's clandestine nature have destroyed what in principle should have been your right to choose.

So, unless you really hate someone (ref. Deb and Pal's poster), or you can think of jokes that have a more genuine mass appeal (ref. Maddu's posters), do us all a favour and stay away from the war...
PS: Public memory is short, don't hold a grudge for too long...

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Why does it change the way I want to be?
Why do I feel that I must no more wait and see?
What is the purpose of a faith that constrains?
What do I do with a God who believes in chains?

Why is her touch a forbidden fruit?
Why do these shackles bind me as a brute?
What is the meaning of chanting a prayer?
What is true love, does anyone even care?

Why do I love her? Do I know its true meaning?
Why is the end such a depressing, terrible feeling?
What was I thinking when with her I fell in love?
What was the true reason, only the stars above?

Why do we desire that which we cannot get?
Why must we even try when life has already been set?
What motivates people to fall in line?
What do I answer, “I’m feeling fine?”

Nov 11, 2004

Exhaustion and Helplessness

Fatigue envelops me in its inextricable embrace
And all I can do is stand and stare it at its face
An insomniac is plagued by action when doubtlessly it should be free
But I think only of one thing all day and all night and that is all I see

I pretend things are fine and aimlessly go about my ways
The thoughts still keep hounding me, they'll catch me one of these days
Why will they not cease? Why do they chose this unearthly time?
I curse the situation and dream of another, o God save me from this clime!

It's only the beginning and I am fatigued already
But I must hold on and clean up and start and be ready
There is no escaping the problem, I tell myself each day
But the solution is unacceptable, there must be another way!

In the end I feel it to be just that and it really doesn't matter at all
Whether I stand striaght up and laugh out loud, or whether I take a fall
I cannot tell the one I want to for that is simply not agreed to
I take your leave now pray for me and as of now, I can't even rhyme too!

Nov 7, 2004


The road back to my dwelling seemed longer than before...
I used to be filled with hope, now I feel emotion no more...
Spurned not was I, though I feel the pain...
Egregious was the time, her love I wanted to gain...
We saw it coming... but we chose to ignore...
The pitiful chanting... a farce no more...
Why do we listen? Do we even care?
Is it not an emptiness that we feel in there?
A mutual parting, unbound to each other...
To care for the elders, the father, the mother
I know not what I feel anymore, she tells me
I tell her what is done, is done for all to see
Know anger, know pain, know sorrow, no joy...
For I will ever remain that same Christian boy.

Posted on the 30th of October, 2004

Idle musings

The minions are attacking...
Run for the hills, but the hills are alive and wandering
I stealthily look over my shoulder and yell for help...
They approach... a hundred thousand atleast!
What do they seek? Surely not my head...
Do they want to kill me? Do they indeed?
Am I not one of them? Have I not earned their trust?
Spare my soul!! Do not take this time away from me...
I wish to see her face once more...
To hold her in my arms and kiss her...
But they do not listen, they seem to be deaf
I cry out in vain!! But it's all over now...
No more time, no more breath... Alas... this is death!


Aug 30, 2004

The paper is awful. I am seriously at a loss here and I have absolutely no inclination to work anymore. I am predisposed to laziness off-late and I enjoy it. The chair has gathered fungus, the bed is completely worn. My eyes deceive me endlessly. Despite this treachery I am pleased with certain lewd acts, success comes to it.
Wealth succeeded finally and it brings me much joy. Loops signifying relations abound the arena and fortify bonds. I am befuddled with the myths and require to cogitate on them inorder to unravel their secrets. There is much work to be done, many miles to fly... What of man before me? What has he done? Am I alone in this quest? Does no one even desire to fly with me? I weaken in the knees when I see a face... But that's just it... I weaken... I do not remember the face but I feel its presence. I sneeze incessantly, does that mean a thing? What of the elevation? What of the heights? Do they even care? God gave them to me, I have used their services. But I desire the logical end too fast. I am aeons before my time and I suffer in this purgatory... But that most likely, is the key, the definition of the situation that is me.


Aug 21, 2004

Words fail me... although ive been sent storehouses,
Truth is belittled... and the facts skittled,
I have to make a choice, nay a million,
A decision is wanting, the price tumultuous...
Guide my hand and guard the entrance...
Send me no more for i have reached saturation...
The noise from within demands collation....

Hysteretic ecstasy… a sarcastic repose

Vacations can be quite boring, especially if you're in a place where you have no friends and an upset tummy. So I decided to humour myself by penning the defence of chronic adulterer...Despite any notions to the contrary, it actually makes for remarkably boring reading...
Those who know me will kindly forgive me for this allegorical choice of subject as well as my unwavering alacrity these days... (NB: read title) One more thing, serious this time...for that special someone... No part of this poem is autobiographical, rest assured…

The overwhelming sensation of love and fire
Of zeal and passion and the pangs of desire
The tumultuous array of unbending emotion
Discloses forbidden chasms with enervating devotion

I ache once more for that buoyant feeling
Of incessant longing and preponderated revealing
Look must I now for the time is fine
To end this charade and manifest repine

It seems I lie about this eternal zest
Mock me not for it was only ephemeral jest
The one in question was merely passing time
Should he be condemned for seeking better clime?

The judicial system cannot raise its glass
To rebuke a man who has amicably come to pass
The ones I have bedded have confessed no crime...
'Tis not wrong to add spice to life, the rotten grime!

If they seek no justice... If they want no remuneration
What business have you here? To provoke frustration?
Out of my house you infidel congregation!
Make haste! Enough of this otiose cogitation!